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The Tavern Is Burnt Down

Since the late days of the happy times of somewhere before 2004 until the doom laden dreadfulness that is 2016 the Tavern was home to the mildly bedraggled wizard, the grumpy dwarf (and the other 6), the half awake halfling and, of course, the troll Guvnor. Guests were able to dry off next to a blazing fireplace full of elfs and sup a yellow wine or crunch through a bag of kobold bollock scratchings.

But no more. The Guvnor slipped over his 11 foot pole one night, dropped his torch, spilled his bedtime paraffin drink and WHOOSH!

We shall remember the greatness:
  • What have you read/seen recently?
  • What are you trying to not buy?
  • What have you given in and bought?
  • Where is my ear trumpet?
  • Did that stuffed owlbear just move?
  • What's in my pocketses? No seriously, what the hell is this in my pocketses?

If you'd like to jump in a TARDIS and browse the glory that was the Tavern, then there is the WayBackMachine archive. That's the older URL, back to 2004, and this is a more detailed recent version from 2008: https://v.gd/q01Em8

Services of a new kind are now hosted at UKRoleplayers..

Email: webmaster@gamingtavern.eu
Snail mail to: Home for Retired Trolls, Under the Bridge, Bridlington, East Yolkshore.