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** SPOILER ALERT! This is the first adventure in the STA Starter Set **

OPENING MUSIC [Deep Space Nine]








Captain’s Log Stardate 48829.99

The ‘Oberon’ is in the remote Elicona sector, investigating the disappearance of the science ship USS “Alcubierre”. After three days in this unpopulated area of space, we found a promising lead. Several hours ago, long-range sensors detected a vessel and strong subspace interference. The “Alcubierre” was on special assignment, testing a new warp core designed to exceed Warp 5 without damaging subspace. I can only surmise that something went terribly wrong with the experiments.

Bridge, USS “Oberon”

On the main screen, the “Alcubierre” was drifting, with no signs of external damage. It is an ‘Oberth’-class science vessel*; normal crew compliment 80. The “Alcubierre” was listed as leaving Starbase 117 with a crew of 30; not unusual as the ship is capable of being run with a minimal crew of 5.

‘Captain’, reported Science Officer Sveli. ‘Although we can see it; there is heavy localised subspace interference around the ship. It is blocking our sensors and getting a transporter lock would be very difficult.’

Kalem agreed **. ‘Nettus, prepare shuttlecraft one and plot a course to dock with the “Alcubierre”.


Respect the Prime Directive

Recover the USS ‘Alcubierre’ and her crew

As they approached the “Alcubierre’s” shuttlebay; Nettus handed piloting over to Ishrath whilst he tried to send a command to open the shuttlebay doors. Suddenly they opened, allowing them to land. The doors closed behind them and the bay re-pressurised.

‘Well done Nettus’

‘That wasn’t me; I didn’t get into the system due to the massive interference.’

‘So who opened the doors?’

Inside the bay were the two shuttles that belonged to the ‘“Alcubierre”. The ship was on emergency (red) lighting and the subspace interference was interfering with the combadges and tricorders

Ishrath scouted ahead, the main doors were shut but the control room doors were part-open. They were able to access the control panel enough to determine that it had been locked down from main engineering and that it was a straight hack, bypassing the command codes. Nettus was able to re-route power to the panel

The panel displayed a message: – “Meet me in Stellar Cartography”, then shorted out in a burst of sparks.

‘This has been overridden from main engineering’, said Nettus. ‘Whoever is doing this knows we are here.’

They managed to get the door open to the outside corridor; Ishrath had to force it open and bent it slightly, meaning that it would not form an airtight seal if the shuttlebay was depressurised.

‘We’ll fix that if we need to.’

Out in the corridor were the dead bodies of several Starfleet crew; blast and burn marks on the walls showed that a running battle had been fought here. Sveli and Ishrath examined the bodies; they had been killed by Romulan disruptor fire.

‘Romulan again’, commented Kalem. ‘First on Gliese 8028 III and now here. Also, we are experiencing subspace distortion. Sveli, is this the same type of distortion?’

Sveli consulted his tricorder. ‘Impossible to say, Commander, I would need access to the “Oberon’s” computer.’

There was some discussion as to where to go, the bridge, stellar cartography or main engineering. The ship has 13 decks, they are on deck 11. Main engineering is on deck 9, stellar cartography is on deck 4 and the bridge is deck 1.

With the power out, they will have to climb through the Jeffries tubes and turbolift shafts.

They decided to head for stellar cartography, as they exited onto deck 5, where they found the bodies of Captain Kelly and two command officers. All had been killed by disruptor shots.

Suddenly, a burst of disruptor fire came down the corridor; at the far end were three Romulan Uhlans and a Centurion.

The dim lighting made ranged combat difficult; the PC’s dived for cover in doorways (I used a picture of a typical corridor); however it also made it difficult for the Romulans. Early on, Sveli took a hit that injured him; Kalem was able to route some power to the lights at the far end of the corridor; illuminating the Romulans. They took some hits and soon retreated to a Jeffries tube leading down.

Sveli was not badly hurt and just needed basic first aid to recover.

Approaching Stellar Cartography on deck 4, they set off some kind of alarm. Inside, at the main console, was a Starfleet Ensign, holding a Type-1 phaser. He relaxed when he saw them.

‘I thought it was you, but I can’t be too sure. The Romulans are down in main engineering; I think they’re after the EXP- CH -5 warp core.

[New Directive – Prevent Federation Technology from falling into alien hands]

‘The name’s Lasalle, Jim. I’m trying to find out why the Romulan ship suddenly left; leaving its Away Team. It received a signal from somewhere; I’ve got a partial lock from here, but I’m running on phaser batteries.’

‘How did you get the lock-on through the interference?’

Lasalle smiled. ‘This is Stellar Cartography. We’re used to scanning through radiation fields. It just takes time, and power; both of which I… we are running out of.’

‘Couldn’t we just dump the warp core?’

‘Not a good idea, Ishrath,’ said Kalem. ‘That would just be handing it to the Romulans.’

‘What, with the “Oberon” out there?’ ‘They could approach cloaked; remember, the “Oberon” won’t be looking out for them.”

Nettus and Sveli tried to restore power; for a moment they succeeded. The main screen lit up; revealing that the “Decius” left following receipt of an emergency signal from a Klingon Battle Station. Suddenly, the panel locked down again.

‘We need to move. The Romulans know we are here.’

Lasalle led them through a series of Jeffries tubes into a turbolift shaft.

‘This will take us to the upper level of Engineering’

Outside the doors to Engineering were two Romulan Uhlans, armed with disruptor rifles. Ishrath climbed through an air shaft and took one out by surprise in HtH; Sveli was able to use the Vulcan Nerve Pinch to take down the other. Ishrath and Nettus took the disruptor rifles; Commander Kalem did not see any problem with this. ***

Inside Main Engineering, the Romulans had rigged up a temporary computer panel and were attempting to interface with the warp core. There was an Uhlan at the temporary panel, another at the main engineering panel and a female Sub-Commander overseeing. Ishrath and Nettus crept out onto a walkway and opened fire, using the captured disruptor rifles; while the others made their way down to the deck level by a side passage. Both the Uhlans were taken out in short order and Nettus shifted his fire to the Sub-Commander.

Then it happened! A direct, full-on hit that did a massive amount of damage! ****

The Sub-Commander literally disintegrated; briefly leaving behind a hideous segmented insect that had been inside them. Sevri was able to get a quick tricorder scan before it too disintegrated.

First Officers Log Supplemental 48829.99

With the Romulan threat neutralised, we were able to restore power to the ship and collapse the sub-space bubble that the ship was trapped in. The “Oberon” took the “Alcubierre” in tow back to Starbase 117. During this time; my team and I did some further investigations.

‘Commander Kalem,’ said Sevri. ‘I have some information.’

Kalem assembled the rest of the team.

‘This information was not easy to access; Starfleet Command was very interested to see what we had found, but I had to call a favour to get anything back. Much of this information is classified. In 2364 there was evidence of an attempted takeover of certain higher command echelons of Starfleet by these so-called “Neural Parasites”. The attempt was foiled by the crew of the USS “Enterprise” NCC-1701-D.’

‘Commander,’ broke in Nettus; pulling a PADD. ‘I have been looking at reasons why the Romulans may have been there. The pattern of subspace interference generated by the warp core matches within 90% to what we encountered on Gliese 8028 III.’ *****

At Starbase 117, the “Oberon” received new orders. A message has been partially intercepted from the Klingon battle station “Kortar”. It was in Klingon, but translated as ‘We are not ourselves…’ The “Oberon” is ordered to investigate.

To be continued…


GM Notes

* The same class as the “Pegasus”

** She nearly died from a transporter malfunction in the last Episode

*** There is precedent for using captured weapons, but it is hardly common practice

**** 6 damage dice, 3 of them rolled 2 damage each, 3 rolled 1 damage + Effect (Vicious 1 weapon) = another 6 damage + 6 Momentum to increase damage (in Nettus’ background, he has a hatred of Romulans). Total damage = 6 + 6 + 6 = 18!

Bugger! Finding the alien parasite was a major Clue; so I had to have it survive enough to be scanned by tricorder. Having it survive such a massive trauma would imply it was a lot tougher than it really is.

***** This is a tie-in to my Game


The players enjoyed it (which is really all that matters.)

For the GM

Don’t prep too much, but it’s worth knowing how many decks the ship has and what is on which deck.

From my notes:

Oberth-Class: 14 Decks

Deck 1: Bridge/ Captains Ready Room

Deck 3: [Romulan Patrol 1 x C/ 2 x U]

Deck 4: Stellar Cartography/ Sickbay

Deck 8: [Romulan Patrol 1 x C/ 2 x U]

Deck 11-13: Main Engineering

Deck 14: Shuttlebay

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