[generic] ‪#RPGADAY2020 - 26 - Strange


‪#RPGADAY2020 - 26 - Strange. “What’s the definition of Esoteric?”

“They’re the kind of adventures Dr Strange has.”

When you’re writing an SHRPG you have one archetype for your Magic system. IMHO. Lee and Ditko’s Dr Strange.

(Sorry, Ditko and Lee’s Dr Strange.)

I know DC had it’s magicians but their abilities were more open ended. Dr Strange had specific spells, abilities and limitations.

Luckily after I created Golden Heroes, I acquired a writing partner, in Pete Haines, who could produce the perfect set of Magic rules off the top of his head.‬ Two pages of perfection - again IMHO.

I also like the fact that Strange has always been a complete dick. Clever. REALLY clever. Too clever for his own good. But a complete dick. If you’ve never read his ORIGINAL origin, seek it out.

Forget Cumberbatch begging Swindon to teach him. Steven Strange outright rejected the offer of training from the Ancient One, repeatedly. He only accepted the role in order to outwit Baron Mordo. It was his hubris and ego that changed his mind. It’s a GOOD story.