1000 Books You May Have Actually Read


Rune Priest
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Based on the number of ratings each book has on Goodreads. And if you haven't read them, maybe you can use for a literature bucket list.


175 of 1,000 · 18%
You did better than 82% of users on this list
Your rank: #2,095 of 11,577 users on this list
You beat the avg. score of 131

There's another 25 on the TBR pile which I will read at some point (which gets me up to 20%).

Also, some I'm not sure of - I've probably read them but it would have been 40 or 50 years ago and I may be thinking of a film or TV adaptation anyway (quite a few classics fall into this category). I didn't count PD classics that came pre-installed on one or another of my e-readers which I am extremely unlikely to read (Victorian sentimentality gets right up my nose).
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Oh bugger - I'm illiterate!

69 of 1,000 · 7%

You did better than 27% of users on this list
Your rank: #9,029 of 12,285 users on this list
You didn't beat the avg. score of 131

Although, there's a lot there which I probably wouldn't read anyway (because they don't interest me.)


Rune Priest
87 of 1,000 · 9%

You did better than 35% of users on this list
Your rank: #9,393 of 14,496 users on this list

A lot of those were children's books (thanks kids) or teen/young adult (thanks kids) or Shakespeare (huzzah). Of the rest, a disturbing percentage were the first book of a series that I didn't read any more of, or books I'm just plain ashamed to have read (I'm looking at you, Dan Brown).

Oh well. I did notice that I've obviously read the wrong book of a number of authors on the list, just the way it goes I guess.


Rune Priest
I think a lot of the apparent bias is because the list is taken from Goodreads - so slanted heavily towards US classics I wouldn't touch with a bargepole (Ayn Rand I'm looking at you) and YA fiction (how many Cassandra Clare on the list?). I've only read one Hemingway and one Steinbeck, no William Faulkner, and the Wharton is one I saw the Merchant Ivory production from the 80s or 90s but never read the book. A lot of the European classics I recall from my schooldays.


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This is slightly under as I erred on the side of caution (I’ve read several John Grisham’s for example but can’t remember which).
Also the list has a crazy list of Manga and graphic novels vs Shakespeare vs young adult Twilight vs core Science Fiction vs mainstream women's lfe stories, all categories catering to such different readers, that crossover is barely plausible to get higher reading percentages.

I got over 200 and probably because I read graphic novels plus old classics like the Charles Dickens novels I only read in school.