2005 and going strong

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6:13 - but cheating cos I know what you've been chewing on recently.

I still have the original Arcanum/Bestiary/Lexicon set that I got at uni. Possibly the first rpg I ran.
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Ah, I was hoping for an Artesia (2005) episode (also been noodling about), but I guess that must wait for our campaign. Combat rounds, listS of armour, encumbrance, etc are not really ‘of its time’ in 2005. I mean they really predate that year by a wide margin, and still appear in new (and popular) games today.
I was thinking Talislanta was Ubiquity system, but stand corrected. Agree, though, that it definitely had elves in clumsy disguises. Is there a big list of Omni System settings? Sounds up my alley.

First Age

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Talislanta definitely has elves, it’s just that they they split the normal elf traits up among several one-trick-pony races, none of which were called ‘elves’. But if you take the pointy eared minstrelsy people and the pointy eared woodsy people and pointy eared glamorous people and all the various other pointy eared one-schtick elf-like peoples... I don’t know how you could conclude the setting doesn’t have elves. An elf by any other name smells as sweet... (or foul, depending on your proclivities).

Mechanical Dream... now there’s a setting without elves.


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Oh dear. First of all everyone has pointy ears cos that's how PD Breeding Black liked to draw fantasy pictures.
Talislanta has massive mutation rates and as such there is massive diversity. I object to them being called one trick ponies, they have as much cultural options as most fantastic ancestries.
Indeed many have far more analogues on Earth or normal generic pseudo medievalist fiction as humans. Some are very different.

Plus, name one Tolkien or Teutonic elfin type in Tal?

(You could definitely say there are gnomes by the way?)