[D&D] 5e monster manual on a business card

Cheers for this. I'll read the individual blog posts that feed into it when I have a bit more time. It's of interest because I've just been working on a group of new monsters for Crypts and Things, which uses Swords and Wizardry as a base. After repeatedly using its guidelines for creating monsters and assigning Challenge Levels, I'm coming to believe it's not as robust as it makes out. T

BTW do you remember Don Turnbulls Monster Mark system from the early days of White Dwarf. I read it when it was reprinted in the Best of White Dwarf Articles in the mid-80s.

The Monster Mark system was simple, clever and revolutionary. Some roleplayers might like a the dicey stuff to be mysterious but some of us find applying basic probability theory to the rules we use intriguing.