A bus, an alternate past & more besides…

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Double-decker for 20 this morning – and the seat to the rear facing backwards of all things!

Damp cool morning after a genuine, frosty, cold one yesterday.

Need I say that the world is full of mobile phones again? No! Never!

Roof-spotting again. Lintels. Detail. Chimneys (rear-view changes perspective). Did humblest back-to-back have any decoration, I wonder? Modern, twentieth century properties have no time for such, probably on grounds of cost. What else might cause style/content change? OK to Edwardian era, so it’s Art Deco or later..

Innovation Centre, and early. Rehearsals ongoing, not surrounding – wrangling in the kitchen over microwave operation. “That’s the power!” “No, it’s the time!” and so on.

At the moment it’s busy enough to probably fail at concentration, yet I see the tower and think “Tales From The Loop” (And wonder what was on this site then, with no one to tell, some 35-40 years ago). That, of course makes me feel old, as does the knowledge that L could be driving this time next year. But what, different, would I like to be doing next year? Now that’s a challenge! I’m not aware of the need for a job change. Could I, would I, move to bring the half-dreams to reality? And which ones? As Mr Morden [from Babylon 5] might say “what do you want, Doctor Moose?” What do I want? Fame? Not really. Fortune? Never does any harm. An exit from Brexit? Feels like a lottery winner is more likely. There is very little that can or will be achieved without effort, expenditure, or sacrifice of one sort of another. Would it be work? Personal? Ministry? What do you want, enough to make it happen? Now, there’s the rub ( but no magic lamp to which it can be applied…).

The quietness of the location makes it inappropriate, but the sight of one, now two, sets of carriage roofs make me want to cry out, “Train!” And run to the window! Where did I hide that inner child? And maybe the better question is actually, “ Why should I?” What would the inner child want to have achieved by this time next year? Is that a better question? Something energizing or exciting – and possibly very selfish – compared to the responsibilities. Something about self-confidence or risk. If I have no target I can’t miss it, but neither can I succeed.

There is an energy, a buzz, found among certain groups of students. It is here. The air fizzes (even as the air-con whines). Conversation about ecology, conservation (and my generation, and the ones before, have left them this….) That wasn’t where I was thinking of this piece going – although “Why don’t Nandos do fish?” is back in there.” They must have fish in Portugal…”


Morning proved more adventuresome than expected – buses don’t run from Riverside at that time of the morning! Better with company though – a driver delivering a car needing to get back to the station. Done it for 20 years.


Pall, colour of
[COLOR=var(--color-text)]Regret, hangs in[/COLOR]
Mid-distance. As yet
No ghosts, fresh-departed,
Patrol corridors, still
Part-used. Whispering,
They wait, singing in
Still air, where dust
Motes settle, their
Passage awaiting.​

[COLOR=var(--color-text)]#AvenueCampus [/COLOR]

And if that’s here, what of Park? Does Sophie [beloved campus cat] patrol, bereft of company, or has she, with feline fickleness, moved on, without regret?
As a gamer, or imagineer, I like to think of myself as creative, of maybe thinking a little more laterally or broadly than some others – so when a student from a military background commented that he saw the potential situation for a coup d’etat… I presume he means a military one. At one level I think that’s just totally off the wall, yet how likely is a civilian insurrection? More or less? Given the madness of the last couple of years it’s food for thought. I don’t know whether to be worried, intrigued, … or what?

I love the sunset sky, or marbled pink and red hues on grey and off-white clouds, blue behind. Just now the orange sun burnished the energy centre, briefly Transformed. I don’t think I’d tire of it. Enough light to function but not total day. However, I presume the only way to retain that would be being located in a twilight zone of a tidally locked world. An atmosphere thick enough to support such clouds would have some impressive wind effects to transfer heat. In the hot side of the atmosphere it would presumably rise, pulling cold air from the dark side. Now there’s a nice bit of colour for Traveller.

Now though, the sun has set, the Campus grows calmer and I, sat in the learning Hub, suitably caffeinated (after the bottle of Old Speckled Hen at late lunch hit me rather powerfully) watch, wait, listen (to laughter welling up from below or security gate bleeping). Soon it will be time to depart: back to the Faith Centre for (unscheduled) Evening Prayer.


Crisped-brown carpet,
[COLOR=var(--color-text)]Still on frost-iced grass.[/COLOR]
Day-glo tabarded,
Workers pass, steel-bearing,
Barrier-placing, ‘gainst
Impending fire’s heat.
Pyre yet unseen.​

Racecourse being prepped for bonfire and fireworks presumably. Don’t know when.


Bit of a carpe diem moment – on a coach to London SE1 for a £10 trip and three hours unplanned space while B has a rehearsal. Surrounded by school children chat in a safe enclosed environment. A bit like a time-warp. I have this book, a drawing one, a sci-fi novel, an overcast sky and quite a few hours of random opportunity. Currently, this is my idea of fun.

I’m in an elevated position: I can see over walls and fences, this is a nice change from driving.

Fields of solar panels line the M1 – but what to call it but an energy farm? Sadly there’s not a lot of light to harvest. Maybe that will improve. Newport Pagnell Services – not that I can see it, of course.

There is great excitement as we are being followed by a MegaBus, which has free Wi-Fi, strong enough for folks on here. Much data theft may ensue, however briefly. Even more fun as a National Express coach has joined the party. (I’m smiling far too broadly over here).

On return leg, moving slowly through North London, e.g. Camden and Finchley, Brent Cross etc en route to the M1 North. There is, once again, lively chatter, silliness, occasional random noises and general excitement (and the odd “Ow!” and “Do you want me to slap you?”)

It’s been a good afternoon – I’ve never visited Southwark Cathedral, and which was very much smaller than I anticipated (but well presented, beautiful in its own way – although I didn’t see Doorkins the cat). A late lunch was had in the same restaurant as last (and first) time I went to south of the river with Nick B in 2016 on the last, or was it the penultimate, day of my sabbatical) and caught up with J for the first time in a decade or so – even if he’s having a tough time of it, especially at home after A moved out “uncertain of her sexuality”. It sounded like I needed to show up this afternoon.

Now, though, we appear to have joined the M1, and will henceforth chew the miles. Meanwhile life, chatter, continues in this audio equivalent of people-watching. I am the unseen (or is it the unheard?) auditor.

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