A week is a long time..

The old saying, of course, is that a week is a long time in politics. But now, it feels as if that’s the new normal. On Monday it was pretty obvious a change was coming. On Tuesday it was “cancel non-essential events & prepare for home-working.” Wednesday saw the first time I live-streamed Morning Prayer. Thursday was the embarrassment of buying toilt paper., another meeting “forget the rota working, we’re all remote-working & those services can wait.” Today, Friday, I still couldn’t quite get the tech sorted, the nice booth seat was ergonomically designed for an alien… and my favourite coffee bar has closed!

It’s been a bit hectic. The last big change at uni was the gradual shutdown of a much-loved site as the new one was constructed. A wrench, but staged, planned & managed. This has required more flexibility, more speed & a greater degree of faith.

Faith, is, of course, my department. I went to sleep on Thursday willing, but unsure of my value, & woke up as a key worker, important to nation and society… or, more cynically useful to comfort the afflicted & bereaved and to act as a societal insurance policy, interlocutor for dealing with avGod we’re not, as culture, quite sure we believe in. (Hint: the Eternal believes in *us…*).

Change is exhausting, but God is good, faithful & true. For the moment though, I’m tired. There’s a weekend – and I have a cat who loves me. It suffices.

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