[PF] Adventures in Golarion - Shattered Star

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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I was quite nervous (bless) as I have invested a lot of effort in populating the VTT with tokens and map guff. I was hoping the game and tech would sing OK.

I like the VTT from a GM perspective, interested to get Rol20 experienced player perspectives. Although not fully automated it felt that there was enough and flexible support to let the game move along. We got two fights in to flex the system. It helped to remind me on the flow of PF2 and areas I need to brush up on.

If the players are up for it I think the game definitely has legs. I'm hoping to weave in lots of NPCs, backstory fulfilment, and noble endeavours amongst the socialising and world changing. in fact the Pathfinder AP experience with the depth of the game system revels in the longer form of play.

A couple of scenes to introduce next time and then we will arrive at Magnimar.

First Age

D&D h@ck3r and Hopepunk
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Well, we are now deep into a big dungeon, in fact we are now in the laboratory beneath the dungeon and encountered, in statue form, Alaznist, the last Runelord of Wrath. She does have a friend though....

Abyssal Larva.jpg

One of the Shards of Sin still beckons them deeper. We are at 3rd Level heading quickly to 4th, with the power levels starting to ratchet up a notch. Starting to feel a bit like a 'campaign'. It's been a while.
Where's my +1 weapon of striking? :'-(
The alchemis nees to get better armor and hammer to engage more in melee combat, since Alchemists run out of potions, and unless the alchemist plans the potion types in advance, the total availablei is level plus intelligence bonus. If the alchemist lists them in advance (and cannot charge that whole day), the total doubles.

Sort of like less bombs if playing like versatile sorcerer spell slots, but more if playing like fixed wizard spell slots.