[d100] AEON:underworld™ - Holmes by Percentiles

My AEON:engine™ system has been a looong time in development, but I think I've just about got it where I want it to be. It's a percentile skill universal system originally based on the old Worlds of Wonder boxed set. The basic principle behind A:e is to produce a series of stand-alone games and adventures using the core system, and the first one will be AEON:underworld™.

A:u is based entirely on Holmes Basic D&D. The idea started with a thread on Dragonsfoot about using the Holmes book as a complete game, even though it only covers the first 3 levels). Well, this is it, but it's a D100 game with no classes or levels. It doesn't use the OGL, or even the D&D system, but the entire game world is built only around the Holmes book. There are 4 types of organisations which dominate adventurer backgrounds: the Thieves' Guilds, the Fighting Bands, the Magician's Colleges, and the Church. The only spells are the ones in the book, barring spell research. The only creatures are the ones in the book. The only magic items are the ones in the book (again, barring unique creations). Holmes is beautifully concise and well-rounded, as everyone surely knows, and it doesn't need any more than that.

The reason I'm doing this is because I need to get over the writer's (and publisher's) hump of getting the first A:e book out there. A basic, simple, fantasy game fits the bill - and you don't get more basic than the original basic, Holmes Basic (Games Workshop UK edition cover below).

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