Affinity Publisher Tutorials/Resources

I'm about to give Affinity Designer Publisher out for a whirl, with the aim of using it as a replacement for the expensive and bloated InDesign (and the whole adobe creative suite).

Are there any killer tutorials and resources out there which will let me get up to speed quickly?
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Newt, you want Affinity Publisher to replace InDesign. Designer is the Illustrator replacement. However, if you have all three they integrate seamlessly without you needing to change app.

They’re free for 3 months and half price until late June.

There are loads of videos. You can get to them from the Affinity site and within the app. I think they’re on Vimeo.

There is (from memory) an independent YouTube channel called Affinity Revolution.
Cool, the fact that I had got the DTP app muddled up with the graphic design app is priceless in itself :D

The plan is to convert an existing book, that needs a bit of touching up, from Indesign, and if that goes smooth start a new short book from scratch.

The discount until June falls straight into my lap as a decision date because I'm due to renew my Adobe subscription early July.

I'll let you know how it goes Affinity fans! :D
I grabbed Publisher in the offer because I figure I'm going to end up using it eventually. But sticking to PagePlus in the short term! (Ed - I did take a v quick look at Affinity when I got it, and the interface seemed quite like PP, which works pretty well.)

Hope it goes well @Newt - should be a good antidote for expensive bloat.
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I've loaded them onto the new laptop to give them a spin and they look fine and dandy to me. I use InDesign and Photoshop all of the time at work so I'm used to them and these seem similar enough to not make much difference.

I'm going to be doing some lay-up this weekend so we shall see what I think at the coal face.