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Rune Priest
I often find Citra on tap in my neck of the woods.

A new micro pub has opened up in Hemel Hempstead, called the Monks Inn, with 10 real ales and 6 real ciders.
I had a very typical and very poor pint of John Smit's yesterday at a wake.. I only had one..
Can't say I blame you. I don't know who's still drinking that stuff, but you go into any social club bar, or an Irish pub in London and it's all they have on as far as bitter goes.

I work in Gloucester on a Friday and there's a couple of Sam Smiths pubs in the city. I'm quite partial to their dark mild of a lunchtime. Got a bit of a stout taste to it and at at less than 3% I can have a couple of pints and not go back to work with a thick head in the afternoon.
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If anybody on this thread (or anywhere else I guess!) Wants to join Untappd I'd recommend it. It's a beer based social network - you post when you drink beer and your friends can see it, toast you, you can find reviews of various beers, etc. It's a neat app - feel free to add me, I'm milnermaths there like on twitter
You lucky lot with your fancy real ales. My choice is a bit restricted due to coeliac disease. I had not had beer or lager for about 4 years until yesterday when I bought some gf Stella. My god it was nice. I used to hate cider but have had to adopt it as my usual tipple, but the Stella being so nice may change things.