Alien RPG by Fria Ligan Unboxing


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So my Alien RPG arrived today so here is the unboxing video.
I hope you enjoy and feel free to ask any questions below.

This was the Standard Bundle if you pre-ordered it in August 2019.
Contents include the Core Rule Book, Chariot of the Gods scenario pack, GM Screen, Maps and Markers, Custom Card Deck, the Base Dice Set, and the Stress Dice set.

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I've re-written out the character sheets and basically told them that it is a one-off Game lasting 2-3 sessions. I haven't told them the name of the Game-system or much about how it works. I have told them that it is using pre-gen characters and that the setting is that they are the crew of a transport ship, but I haven't mentioned the Stress Dice mechanism yet, so they can't look it up. They are intrigued and curious and looking forward to the Game.