ALIEN RPG: Hidden Agendas


I’m currently writing an adventure for Alien; the players have asked if they can create their own characters. They then asked about the hidden agendas that they had in Chariot of the Gods, because they really liked the concept.

So, what I’ve come up with (inspired by MY0) is that they write their own; possibly involving other PC’s without their knowledge.


  1. Give the PC’s the background – ‘You are on Jamison’s World, a colony outpost sponsored by Tharsis Metals. Jamison’s World is 99% fluid-covered with a breathable atmosphere that stinks of hydrogen sulphide.’

  1. Ask them to create and name their characters and give a reason why they are here. The names and professions should be secret (ideally via email.)

  1. Now provide a list of all the people in the colony, names and professions. Include the NPC’s and PC’s and mix them up; even have duplicate names and professions (caution: don’t duplicate both for the same person unless you REALLY want to confuse things.) Let the PC’s have this information (again, by email.)

  1. Now, have the PC’s write their secret agenda based off this information. These are some suggested prompts; but be creative. They then email these back.

(BTW: My group loved the potential for PvP in the Game and we did fight out those combats to the full.)

I hate xxx

I hate xxx because …

I love xxx

I want to protect xxx

I want to die here

I want to sabotage the Company

I want to kill xxx

I want to get off this shithole

I want to strike it rich

Xxx knows I’m an addict

I must study all alien lifeforms

I must kill xxx before they kill me as a traitor

I just want to keep my head down and serve out my tour

A rival company wants to make sure the outpost fails

  1. Finally – Gamestart.

Introduce all of the PC’s at the start (well, have them introduce themselves), then bring in the NPC’s as they are encountered (or investigated by PC’s)

Hopefully, the PC’s will relate to their Agendas and see what’s going on.

  1. Changing Agendas

It would be nice to break down the Game to discrete Acts, but even with Chariot of the Gods I found that hard. Instead; I looked at each character’s Agenda and then asked them –

“How has this changed in light of what has happened?”

If necessary, have them construct a new Agenda (but only if it really fits)


Agenda: I must study all alien lifeforms

Situation: ‘The plant-thing has sucked his head off into that tentacle.’

Is our scientist going to cut and run? Of course not!

‘Interesting. Does it only react to living bodies? We need to conduct further tests.’

‘Should we screen off the area? To stop other people wandering in?’

‘What? Oh yes, I suppose so. They could influence the test results.’

I haven’t tried this out in full yet, but two members of the HOG thought it was an interesting idea to try out.

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