An announcement.

Cross posting this here, ‘cos it’s easier.

TLDR: Live-streamed Morning Prayer moves to University of Northampton Multi-Faith Chaplaincy. Page open to all. Feel free to contact me. Be Kind.

We live in strange times, perhaps, in accordance with the apocryphal Chinese curse we could say “Interesting Times”. Disruption and uncertainty are not things we crave, but they do have value. They force us to reconsider our priorities, our relationships and values, something which is, at it’s best, inherent in the Christian season of Lent. (And yes, I know this is a Multi-Faith Chaplaincy page, but I cannot and will not deny my faith, just as I wouldn’t expect any colleagues to either).

As part of these Interesting Times I shall be live-streaming Morning Prayer from the Church of England as often as I can here, Monday to Friday, at or around 9.30am. There may be days it can’t happen, but we’ll see.

Each and everyone is most welcome to join me, to listen, to praise, to pray, to be… as you see fit. I may be able to see who’s there, and it won’t be only students and staff, but I hope you’ll understand that interaction is limited in real time, so I probably won’t be able to pick up prayer requests or questions as I go. (I may need to look at creating a group or blog if there’s interest following on).

If you want to follow the service you can do so best via the Church of England website,…/join-us-service-daily-pra…. That page also has links to the Daily Prayer app for both Apple and Android devices, which I heartily recommend.

Concentrate on what you can control, leave to others, & offer up to God, what you can’t. Live hopefully. Share Love. Be Kind.

May God bless you all.
Rev Stuart

p.s. Sales, marketing and other spam will be summarily dismissed.

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