Arion, Episode 27: Bulan

Bulan, 183-3401

World encounter (p.58-60): We already know this; 64, potential contact, reaction 11 so he will become one.

“Captain Anderson,” Arion acknowledges. “These are my friends, Coriander and Dmitri… Let me buy you a drink; you saved my life at Daanarni.” He flags down a passing waiter. “Another round please, and one of… whatever that is,” he finishes, pointing at Anderson’s boat drink. The waiter nods, and heads back to the bar.

“I didn’t kidnap the girl, you know,” Arion says, determined to clear that up. “Or kill her parents.”

Anderson shrugs. “Whatever happened, it’s done now. The bartender at the K tells me she’s kith now, sponsored by you.” Arion’s face falls.

“What, you didn’t think word would get out? I’m kith too, you know. I’d like to know where she is; there are people who’d pay handsomely for that information. But I don’t suppose you’ll tell me.”

“No. She’d wind up dead or a puppet. If you followed me all the way out here for that, you’ve wasted your time.”

“No, actually; there’s money to be made running supplies from the Confederation to Bulan, it may as well be me that makes it.”

“Is there anything you won’t do for money?”

“I won’t break the code of the kith. Aside from that, not much. But I’ll tell you something I’ll do for free; bring down the Archive. Sanctimonious bunch of liars. I know you’ve been funding the rebels on Ria. I know you wanted the monarchy gone, and now it is, but I will prove you did it, and then the government will fall. But I forget myself; I should leave, before things become uncivilised.”

“Wait a minute,” says Arion, “It was the Combine who overthrew the government, not us.” Anderson makes a dismissive gesture and stalks off.

“Dmitri,” says Arion, “We didn’t topple the government on Ria, did we?”

Dmitri shrugs. “How would I know? It’s a bit out of the usual AO, but we’ve done stranger things.”

The drinks arrive, too late for Anderson.

“Oh, that one looks fun,” says Coriander, reaching out and taking Anderson’s drink. “It’s got lots of different colours. And a little umbrella.”

“Don’t get out much, do you?” asks Dmitri.

“No,” she replies cheerfully. “Which makes it all the more important to try new things.”

GM Notes

One thing about increasing the pace of the Arioniad, it makes it harder to come up with ideas. It’s easier for posts when the group is in space, because there’s more input from the dice.

Something else to note is that it’s easy to lose track of the game date; while week 27 should end on 189-3401, the flow of events from the previous episode says this happens on 183-3401 (arguably 182-3401, but we’ll say ship’s midnight ticks over while it’s still daylight on Bulan). This campaign was intended to operate at a rate of one game week per real-world week, and to make that work, one has to accept that the most significant event of the game week could happen on any day within that week.

There may come a time when I discard these constraints and let game time wander as it may; but it is not today.

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