Arion, Episode 28: Bandit Country

Jumpspace, 196-3401

  • Starport Encounter leaving Bulan (p. 39): Port personnel confuse us with someone else, in a good way.
  • Starship Encounter leaving Bulan (pp. 40-46): Private small craft. Matches the description of a ship that went missing last year.
  • Onboard Events in jump (p. 56): Typical trip, nothing special.
  • PC Reaction Tables in jump (pp. 19-20): 12. My, they’re happy this week.
  • Starship Encounter arriving Changa (pp. 40-46): Nothing.
  • Piracy warning arriving Changa (p. 40): No.
  • Starport Encounter arriving Changa (p. 39): Someone needs to get offworld, fast – but it’s not as simple as that… actually that sounds like it should be part of the adventure on Changa, so let’s leave it until next time.

An unusually somber Dmitri enters the bridge to find Arion and Coriander watching the stars through the bridge transparency, arms around each other.

“Took you long enough,” he says, surprising them both. They are past the stage of jumping apart and pretending nothing was going on, though.

“Listen,” Dmitri continues. “Next stop, Changa, right? Now we’ve arrived, you need your game faces on, because Bulan was the last outpost of civilisation, and from here on out, we’re in bandit country. Confed Navy calls this place Pirate Heaven, and not without reason. Their government policy is decided on the fly by direct votes of all citizens, which means it’s unstable as silver fulminate, and if they had any laws, which for practical purposes they do not, they would be a contradictory mess and get revoked by plebiscite as soon as anyone could gather enough support.”

“Then I shall take the precaution of hacking into their primitive systems in case we need to gain temporary control of the government,” the Dolphin announces. “Let me know if you need a plebiscite, and what you would like the outcome to be.”

“Is that legal?”

“Not yet, but I’m sure it could be, if that’s what you want.”

GM Notes

None of the dice rolls really sparked my interest, to be honest. When my players ignore the plot hooks and drift off somewhere else, I let them do so; so why not allow myself the same leeway?

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