Arion, Episode 46: Job Offers

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“When the ship lifts, all debts are paid. No regrets.” – Robert A Heinlein

Pontus, March ’01

Each month in No Limits begins with an involuntary encounter (p. 30). As Our Heroes are starting the month on a planet, I roll 1d6 and get a 2; a job offer, interesting. These are defined on page 44 and if I accept the job offer, the job replaces the next voluntary encounter, which will occur on New Hope after interstellar movement.

Page 44 instructs me to roll Rep (6) – 1d6 (2 again) for the number of job offers; four. Let’s see what they are, rolling 2d6 for each employer and then 1d6 for the job they want to do.

  • Joe, Confrontation. The Joe wants us to persuade a member of the Criminal Element to leave them alone.
  • Shaker, Find. The Shaker wants us to find someone.
  • Criminal Element, Find. The criminal wants us to find someone.
  • Joe, Escort. The Joe wants us to escort them to a meeting.

The first of those four encounters in particular is the sort of thing Arion would normally follow up on, but I am keen to return to the published campaign, so I decline all of them.

In narrative terms, I picture this as a montage, showing Arion moving around Pontus starport and meeting with a number of potential employers. In each case he shakes his head and cites the Captain’s Bond as a reason he can’t stay onplanet to do the job.

Character Update

No changes this encounter.

GM Notes

The Captain’s Bond is a plot device from E.C. Tubb’s Dumarest saga; it commits the ship to travelling a specific route and leaving at a specific time, with financial penalties for breaking that contract. However it applies only to a single trip, and makes no commitment on future ports of call.

In episode 47, Arion and crew return to New Hope, and face two Space Encounters en route. After that, we’ll be back on track with the published campaign included as part of the No Limits rulebook.

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