Arion, Episode 65: Chillin’ on Balestra

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Balestra, October ’01

In the interest of moving the campaign along, I’m using GM fiat to make this Chillin’ encounter one that would have been thrown up on a result of 6 at the end of interstellar movement.

“Thanks for the ride everyone, much appreciated,” Rin says. “Sorry you have to head back so quickly. If you’re ever out here in the future; look me up.” Rin hands Dmitri a contact–link and he slips it into his comm.

“Thanks. Want to come with us to that tavern near the spaceport for a good-bye drink?” Dmitri asks hopefully.

“Wish I could.” Rin blows Dmitri a kiss and heads away.

Dmitri sighs, then turns to follow the others into the bar. Inside, he can see a waitress bringing a tray of drinks to what looks like a group of mercs, some miners blowing off steam, and a group of shady-looking types with expensively-dressed escorts. Cori is already working the room, while Mr Osheen and Arion have ordered drinks, and in Osheen’s case, a large bowl of soup and a packet of coffee filters.

There are two PEFs to encounter, and we’ll interact with both the criminals and the bounty hunters.

Dmitri wanders over to a shiny dopestick machine and pretends to be choosing products, while actually checking everyone out in the reflective surface. Arion and Cori interact with the mercs, but nothing seems to come of it. After a while, they wander over to the shady-looking types; Dmitri is sure he has seen the lady with the neural interface before, and suddenly realises she was in Berengei’s on New Hope a few months back.

Arion is shaking hands with the leader of the criminal group now, and Cori is talking with one of the escorts. Realising he is blending in, they walk out past him, with the escort trailing Cori. After a suitable time has elapsed, Dmitri follows them out, and a Hishen from the shady table follows him.

“Hi,” he says, catching up with the others. “So?”

“Got some contraband to take back to New Hope,” Arion explains. Before he can go on, Cori interrupts.

“This young lady,” she says, indicating the escort, “Is a GP citizen, kidnapped by Hishen and forced into prostitution. We are taking her with us.”

The Hishen approaches. “Upstairs,” he calls, “Not outside.”

“Mr Osheen,” says Cori, “Kindly inflict pain on that Hishen. You may absorb his bodily fluids for nourishment if you wish.”

Osheen looks to Arion, who is at least nominally the captain, for confirmation. “You heard the lady,” Arion confirms.

Osheen charges the Hishen, who draws his pistol and snaps off a shot, which misses. Osheen is bigger, heavier and meaner than his opponent, and is soon pummeling him with great abandon. Fortunately for the Hishen, he quickly loses consciousness.

Character Updates

Arion (Star): Rep 8 Joe Spaceship Crew, Quick Reflexes, Resilient. B2, P1, melee, SBA. Lifetime Rep: 21. Rep this month: -3 (ship), -3 (wages), +2 (interaction), +5 (on delivery). Total, +1; no Rep change.

Coriander: Rep 6 Shaker Doctor, Free Spirit. A3, melee, SBA. Lifetime Rep: 14. Rep this month: +1 (wages), +1 (interaction). +1 Rep.

Dmitri: Rep 5 Exotic Investigator, Smooth. B2, P1, melee, SBA. Lifetime Rep: 8. Rep this month: +1 (wages). No Rep change.

Mr Osheen: Rep 5 Grath Mercenary, Rage, A3, melee, SBA. Lifetime Rep: 0. Rep this month: +1 (wages), +1 (combat). +1 Rep.

GM Notes

That Chillin’ encounter generated a Confrontation encounter, as they sometimes do, but it was so one-sided I rolled it up into this one.

Next we need to move back to New Hope, so this must be the end of October, and November kicks off in the next post with an Involuntary Encounter.

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