Arion, Episode 66: Capellan Bounty

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“They’ll be wanting to dissect me and replicate the technology, we can’t be having that.”
Balestra, November ’01

The crew of the Dolphin is at Balestra downport, doing final checks and loading the last supplies, when a group of four approaches them; two Basics and a Xeog, led by a Zhuh-zhuh. All have pistols except the Xeog, who carries an automatic weapon of some kind. Arion sees them first and turns to them.

“Hello?” he ventures. “Can I help you?”

“Yes,” rumbles the Zhuh-zhuh, who seems to be the leader. “The Capellan government has a bounty out on you. Save us all a lot of trouble, come quietly and tell us where the other one is.”

Team Dolphin look at each other for a moment. Arion considers whether to respond or not, and decides against it.

Arion draws and fires at the leader, who ducks back behind a crate, so that the second shot misses. Dmitri plugs one of the Basics, who falls, out of the fight. Cori, who is developing a jealous dislike of Xeogs, empties a clip at the enemy blueskin and it ducks back with the leader. Mr Osheen fires his autogun at the remaining Basic and incapacitates it.

There’s a lull in the fighting for a few seconds, before the Zhuh-zhuh and Xeog pop up from behind their crate – but the home team is waiting; Cori and Dmitri aim at the Xeog, Arion and Mr Osheen at the Zhuh-zhuh. Cori misses her Xeog, and it returns fire, forcing her to duck back, using one of the Dolphin‘s landing skids for cover; while the Xeog is focused on Cori, Dimtri plugs her with his pistol and she drops, incapacitated. Meanwhile Mr Osheen hits the Zhuh-zhuh with a short burst and he drops bonelessly, with massive head injuries, obviously dead.

Arion checks his crew by eye, as somewhere in the starport a siren starts wailing.

“Time to go,” he calls. They board in haste, seal the hatch, and the ship lifts.

Character Updates

Arion (Star): Rep 8 Joe Spaceship Crew, Quick Reflexes, Resilient. B2, P1, melee, SBA. Lifetime Rep: 21. Rep this month: -3 (ship), -3 (wages).

Coriander: Rep 6 Shaker Doctor, Free Spirit. A3, melee, SBA. Lifetime Rep: 14. Rep this month: +1 (wages).

Dmitri: Rep 5 Exotic Investigator, Smooth. B2, P1, melee, SBA. Lifetime Rep: 8. Rep this month: +1 (wages), +2 (combat).

Mr Osheen: Rep 5 Grath Mercenary, Rage, A3, melee, SBA. Lifetime Rep: 0. Rep this month: +1 (wages), +1 (combat).

GM Notes

That was the involuntary encounter at the start of month 11, and took about half an hour to play through. I had intended to use PowerPoint, which the author recommends, but I couldn’t be bothered – I can hold a four on four fight in my head. Maybe another time.

I didn’t bother dicing up an encounter, as given the information provided by the published campaign about the Capellan bounty on the crew, it seemed obvious that the bounty hunters from the bar would come after them. As Umberto Pignatelli says, the random tables are there to give you ideas, and once you have a good idea, you can stop rolling.

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