Arion, Episode 78: Debriefing


“My father will be pleased if I tell him I’ve infiltrated Imperial Intelligence.”
Behind the Scenes

Encounters: As before, no animal encounters on Collace. No patron either, though I did dice for it.

  • 057 Person 6 brigands broadswords, pistols, cloth, leader has laser rifle, reaction 9 (intrigued).
  • 059 Person 3 soldiers vehicle SMG, jack, leader has revolver, reaction 7 (non-committal).
  • 060 Person noble with 6 retinue, swords, pistols, mesh, leader has revolver, reaction 6 (unreceptive).
  • 063 Person 5 fugitives clubs reaction 6 (unreceptive).

None of those inspires me enough to run an actual encounter with them, basically a bunch of people who are just going to walk past us unless we start shooting, and why would we do that?

Cori sells the cargo at 300% of base price – 2D = 9, +3 for skill, +2 for trade classes.

Collace, 057-1105: Scout Base

“So you shot Dokugan Tas.”

“Not personally, but as a crew, yes. To be fair, he drew first, we were just faster.”

“Do you have any idea how long it took us to get him into that position?”

“No. Do you have any idea why he tried to kill us?”

“No,” Karagoz sighs, “But the fact he did probably means his usefulness was at an end.”

“You think we’ll ever find out what was going on?”

“Maybe. Maybe not. Real life is like that, there are all kinds of loose ends you never quite manage to tie off.” Karagoz steeples his fingers and looks at them. “The Service might find out eventually, but I doubt we ever will. I’ve got a new assignment for you.”

He scales a map from his desktop onto the wall, where they can all see it.

“Let me tell you about it…”

Collace, 058-1105: Psionics Institute

“Hi daddy!”

“Hello Cori! How did it go?”

“Let’s see, I started an interstellar shipping company, I made a lot of money – not as much as I will next time! – I visited Trexalon – it’s yucky – and I infiltrated Imperial Intelligence.”

“Did you now? How did you do that?”

“They recruited me! It turns out two of the others are Impie spies, and they thought I’d be useful. The third one’s a grath, I’m not sure what he is, their minds are really hard to read.”

“That’s really good, Cori, I’m proud of you!” he beams at her. “Don’t worry about the grath, I’ve read grath thoughts and they’re mostly some variation on ‘I wonder what’s for dinner?'” He looks at her sideways. “Anything else? Come on, I don’t have to read your mind, I’ve known you since you were born. I can tell there’s more.”

“Well… I met this guy…”


“That was closer to what I expected than the last one.”

“Yes, well within normal parameters. I think I might keep this one, but I’ll split off a fork to check the latest set of patches.”

“More patches?”

“Yeah. You know what that means, they fix all the quirks we know how to work around and introduce a whole new set we don’t even know are there.”

Character Updates

Everyone drops another Cr 400 for upkeep as we tick over into month three.

Company funds: Cr 176,685, less Cr 100 for berthing fees; Cr 176,585. Plus Cr 13,500 for cargo sale, Cr 190,085.

Arion: 797787. Scout 3 terms. Auto Pistol-1, Mechanical-1, Pilot-3. Cr 15,550, Scoutship. 10% of company (10% donated to Dolphin).

Coriander: 77778A-5. Merchant 2 terms, 4th Officer. Admin-3, Streetwise-1; Awareness-5, Special, Telepathy-4. Cr 4,900. 38% of company.

Dmitri: 777977. Merchant 3 terms, 3rd Officer. Auto Pistol-1, Brawling-1, Gunnery-1, Jack-of-Trades-1, Streetwise-2. Cr 3,500, Low Passage. 38% of company.

Mr Osheen: AAA333-7. Army 2 terms, Auto Rifle-1, Brawling-1, Rifle-1, Tactics-1; Regeneration. Auto Rifle, Cr 400. 4% of company.

GM Notes

And there we are, short and sweet, resynchronising the campaign to 26 episode seasons. It’s interesting that each time I change the rules, the characters flesh out just a little more, developing in intriguing ways that I don’t see coming. That, of course, is half the fun. Some of the changes don’t survive the switch to the next game, and some do, but it’s always interesting.

To be honest, which rules I use don’t seem to have much effect on how much fun I have. There’s a lesson for us all there, I think.

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