Arion, Episode 93: Blue to Torpol

Blue (B543487-B), 1106 Week 8

Starport encounter 62 – nothing unusual; starship encounter – private small craft, comms out, radio silence.

Captain’s Log, 050-1106: Leaving Blue was the smoothest and least troublesome port departure in months. Am I being paranoid to think that the Cult of Sindal arranged that, to speed their pilgrim on her way? Probably. Still no sign of any males on Blue. What have they done with them?

Jumpspace, 1106 Week 8

Onboard events 52 crewman has affair with passenger; I think we all know what’s going on there. PC reactions 9 – no problems.

Captain’s Log, 053-1106: Muhsteyjen came on board with an improbably large rifle and dressed only in thigh boots and what I can best describe as a strategically-placed set of leather straps. We put her in Mr Osheen’s old stateroom – it’s the only spare we have since the refit – but it was only a matter of hours before she joined Dmitri in his. Well, they’re consenting adults, and as long as he’s able to stand watch, it’s none of my business. Although he is looking unusually tired at the moment.

Also, I suspect Muhsteyjen has eaten all the chocolate ice cream. There’s not much strawberry left either.

Torpol (B55A77A-B), 1106 Week 8

Starship encounter – bulk cargo hauler, medical emergency, doctor is ill. Starport encounter 66 – nothing unusual.

“Isn’t it always the medic who gets hurt?” asks Arion.

“It does seem to be,” Dmitri agrees. “What are we going to do though?” Coriander enters the crew lounge carrying a medical kit.

“Well, I’m the First Mate and Purser, so on a ship this size, that makes me the medical officer,” she explains. “It’s only neighbourly to help out, and besides we might need a favour ourselves some day. I’ll zip over and fix him up. Arion, can you come with me please? I might need some help.”

“Wait a minute,” says Dmitri “You’ve no medical training, you’ll have to use psychic healing, won’t that be a dead giveaway?”

“All I do is stimulate and speed up the body’s natural healing processes,” Coriander explains. “I’ll tell them I used medical slow drug, it does the same thing so they shouldn’t suspect anything.”

“But we haven’t got any medical slow drug,” Dmitri frowns.

“Not now we’ve used it all up healing their medic, obviously. Do try to keep up.”

GM Notes

Back to more-or-less straight Solo after our recent focus on SWADE.

Under Traveller, Cori would need Arion with her as he is her psionic focus. I’m not sure how to interpret that in SWADE, have to think about that; but all it means for our current purposes is that he goes with her.

The description of our Blue passenger is the usual 5150 illustration for Xeogs. 5150 also says no male Xeogs have been seen, without explaining why; it’s a nice little side mystery, at least until I think of a good explanation, at which point it may become a subplot.

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