Arion, Episode 97: Jamais Vu


Jamais vu: the phenomenon of experiencing a situation that one recognises in some fashion, but that seems novel and unfamiliar.
Jumpspace, 1106 Week 12

The crew are dozing and gossiping around the crew mess table, unwilling to help the repair swarm tidy up tonight.

“Where’s Isabella?” the Dolphin cries out suddenly. One of the swarm drops a plate, which rings on the floor, spraying sauce, but doesn’t break.

“Who?” asks Dmitri.

“Isabella Talamantes, came aboard at Ria, owns the ship. Who are you? What have you done with her?”

“Ria?” asks Dmitri. Both names mean something to Arion, but he can’t quite put his finger on what.

“What’s Ria?” the Dolphin queries in return.

“I don’t know, sounded like a planet when you said it.”

“When I said it?”

“Yes.” There is a pause as the Dolphin replays the conversation internally.

“So I did. I wonder why I did that. Excuse me, I am going to run some diagnostics, I may be unresponsive for a while.”

The crew look at each other. The last thing they need is the ship’s AI going off the rails. Coriander wonders if this is related to Arion’s recent nightmares.

Thebus, 1106 Week 13

As the Dolphin lands and Arion works through the shutdown checklist, Dmitri points out a free trader on the other side of the pad complex.

“Look,” he says. “That ship’s being impounded. Crew marched off at gunpoint. I wonder what’s going on there?”

“I hope it doesn’t happen to us again,” says Arion. “We’ve been arrested three times this year already. ”

GM Notes

Sometimes, it’s a quiet week for our heroes. You’ve seen the details a few times, so I’ve skipped over everything that didn’t seem to bear investigating – events that didn’t happen, ships that ignored us, that kind of thing. The computer glitch works into one of the current story arcs though, so it can stay.

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