[dancing] As the End Times approach


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Aldi (1500 to 1530 this afternoon) was well stocked for a Sunday, with the only staple lacking being toilet rolls. Chatting to the assistant on the till, they said that they're still getting a crazy queue in the morning before they open, and often those people are trying to buy lots (but the 4 of the same SKU limit minimises this). They're getting a full restock everyday.

The supply chain is there and can cope, if people don't be selfish.

That said, Morrisons in Wetherby has been carnage every time I've visited.
Now you have plenty of time to write RPG material and play games. At least that's what I thought now ennui and Covid screwing with my brain have put a lot of that out of the realm of possibilities. I can't concentrate for more than a few pages of a book and can usually manage a couple of hours playing or running a game at most.