[generic] Best Gaming typo evah?


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The map in Games Workshop's original edition of the Cthulhu supplement Green and Pleasant Land. It's a map of sites of special occult interest around the UK, marked with numbers, and there's a key telling you what each number represents. However, owing to a complete lack of proof-reading, the key bears no resemblance to the map at all. So according to this map, the Scottish Highlands are in Suffolk, the Pictish Hills are in North Devon, the Irish town of Kilderry is just north of London, and so on. It's quite amazing.
My favourite was from a scenario in 1990s pro-mag Roleplayer Independent. It was a Steampunk/Cthulhu Gaslight style affair involving the hunt for Jack the Ripper. One of the prime suspects was a Dr Corless, rendered in the text on at least one occasion (possibly more) as Dr Gormless. Doh!