[generic] Black Hack/early D&D compared to 5e (relocated)

Thanks for the heads up.

From my understanding of these old 1st edition adventure modules, I believe the GM was supposed to re-draw the maps on larger grid papers.
I never did. Never heard of anyone who did. We described maps for players to draw, only drawing out areas for combat.

For Orlane (the village) I found it easier to give them the whole map and describe what they could see because - hey - when you walk into the average village you can see a hell of a lot.


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I sunk so many 10p into those things. Gamers switching to office printers is the real reason behind library funding shortfalls these days.
I always ended up with several duds as I could never get the original bit in the right place. Ah. The joys of copying maps from A4 to A3 several times and taping them together to get a version bigger than A3.