[none] Blue Rose - thoughts on the fiction?

So, Blue Rose is on Bundle of Holding at the moment with a not insignificant part of the offering being associated fiction (novel, novella, short stories).

Having had mixed experiences of RPG associated fiction I am wondering whether anyone has any views on the fiction particularly to help me decide whether to pick this up or not?

(I am happy also to hear more views on the rules, adventures, etc too, but particularly keen to know about the fiction....)
On the whole I've enjoyed it and will probably continue to buy new material as it comes out. The stories aren't the finest I've ever read and quality / style does vary quite a bit, but it's good light reading.

Strangely, the one real oddity about the stories arises from how open they are about same sex relationships and suchlike. It's mostly handled well and nothing really jumps out from an individual story, but if you read a few of them then it begins to seem like absolutely everyone in the setting is gay and the population should probably have collapsed before now.