Boardgames - What have you played recently?


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There is a rather lovely War of the Worlds board game that me and my partner have been playing lately. It's a two-player combat game with elements of card drafting and board strategy. I would give it a recommendation if that's to anybody's taste.
Last week:

Great Western Trail - hadn't played this for a while and forgotten how good it is. Played it at our minicon and then played it again during the week.
Expedition to Newdale - another Pfister game, and and expanded sort of sequel to "Oh My Goods!".
Tybor the Builder - another Pfister small card game in the same setting as OMG

I got home the other day to find a large box on the doorstep with "Cthulhu: Death May Die" in it, but not tried it yet...
GradPad games today:

After a major delay on the way in (the A14 is closed all weekend), we got there, had lunch and played:

Lindisfarne, a game of pillaging Vikings. New to me, and not bad. You have three map-boards, each with 2 loot cards (replaced each round). Each board has different conditions to win it. Each phase, you roll the dice according to the number of Vikings you have, and decide where to send them pillaging. You can only place once on any board. The winner has the choice of taking a loot card or selecting an objective card from 2, so does the 2nd place player. The third place player only gets something if either the first or second player takes an objective card. Scoring is multivariate: some of the loot cards form a picture and you score according to the number of parts, others have VPs, and you score the successful objectives.

Periodic: Another new game to me. Basically, you're going round the periodic table attempting to gain objectives and conducting research. Again not bad.

We also played Kodama, and Paul played St Petersburg. I was getting tired at that point so sat and read instead.