Boardgames - What have you played recently?

Brass Jester

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Saturday - Jenny, Ben and I. Played Thunderbirds (lost again), Can't Stop (Ben won), Forbidden Island (we all won and got off the island before it sank) and Unstable Unicorns (Ben won). Aiming to play Consulting Detective over the Internet tonight with Lisa and Jon


The Guvnor
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Camel Up!
from Newcastle Libraries


Played this today. Really fun. Great "come back" potential. Three rounds, three winners. However it is a strongly random number generator driven game. Lovely components, fun theme.
Well made. Recommended for family and casual games.
Frustrated our deeply tactical Eurogamer chum.
Plays well with three.

20200725_144634.jpg 20200725_144631.jpg


The Guvnor
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Dungeon Mayhem by WOTC
Tom's collection

Hardcore light-hearted insanely combo fun mayhem in this card based battler. We love it.


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