Central London Group Looking For New Member

We are a regular group of gamers that meet on Monday evenings in Victoria, central London, from 6.45pm to about 9.30 - 10pm.

This year we have played:

Ars Magica
Call of Cthulhu Victorian
Chivalry and Clockwork
Feng Shui
Star Wars

We like to run in a four week cycle for each game. We are looking for a new player who would ideally become part of our GM rotation.

Anyhow, anyone interested or who wants to chat further can either contact me via PM (I think that's Start Conversation on here?) or post here. You may have contacted us before, but we never got as far as a meet up as we had already found a new member, If so do try again.

Well as you can see this is a group of people looking for a new roleplayer, I put it here as it was the best fit I could find.