Chariot of the Gods Act I

Just finished Act I of Alien: Chariot of the Gods with the Hell’s Own Gamers. It went down really well. Obviously, because of spoilers, I don’t want to reveal too much; so I’ll just drop a few veiled references to what happened.

The HOG loved the simplicity of the system and especially the Stress Dice/ Panic mechanism. They were beginning to (really) worry that what they did would increase their Stress.

This really hit home when Harry (playing Cham, the cargo handler) was frantically trying to detach the docking umbilical from off the ‘Cronus’ and kept panicking; nearly resulting in his death.

The Supply and Consumables system is another good touch; Davis the pilot (NPC) rolled 5 x ‘1’s and ran out of air almost immediately. I ruled that the suit itself was faulty; an example of Wayland-Yutani cost-cutting for crews out on the Rim.

Personal Agendas was a MASSIVE hit and they all played up to them superbly. The incident with Davis’ suit sparked a row between Matt (Captain Miller) and Ben (Corporate Agent Wilson); which Harry (Cham) tried to mediate and Joe (Technician Rye) sided with Wilson.

In a departure from the published Game, I’m not going to assign Lucas to a PC until Act II. Based on what happened, I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Joe

The HOG can’t wait until next week.

Finally, for those that know the adventure or the films

‘Cham is stressed out. He needs to recover in somewhere safe.’

‘OK, let’s go to the medbay and lock it down. That’s probably the safest place.’

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