Concrete Cow Concrete Cow 20 in 2020

Saturday March 14th is Cyber-Concrete Cow 2020 (number 20)!

If you can fit more 20s in there all the better.

Once again Milton Keynes number 1 role playing convention is approaching - and we hope to see you all again this time. There will be a variety of game systems on offer - GM submissions are open - just email your game ideas to

Check out the Wiki Page for more information.

Look forward to seeing some of you there - who can make it?
Scenarios for Concrete Cow 2020

Manta Prowl Tank Down - an adventure in the World of Judge Dredd

Three months ago Judge Burke and Judge Hair headed out into the Cursed Earth to track down the evil Malignant Seven. Now Judge Hair has called for retrieval of the survivors. A Manta Prowl Tank was duly dispatched. However, on the way back an engine fault has cashed it to crash, killing some of its crew and some of the prisoners are loose. Malfunction or Sabotage?

An Agatha Christie style murder mystery with a downed Prowl Tank in The Cursed Earth instead of a Mansion and a variety of perps and Judges as the suspects.

Can you make it back to Mega City One alive and with perps still under arrest?

".... as violent and gonzo as you'd expect." Player review from Spaghetti ConJunction 4a.

The Code of the Spacelanes is 2d6, trindie, easy to learn, lots of opportunity for player agency, magic happens every time you roll a double.

Slot: Morning
System: The Code of the Spacelanes
GM: Simon Burley
Players: 2-6

Legacy of the Timeless Children

I don't know about you, but I've been enjoying the current series of Dr Who. As of writing we don't know what's going to happen in the series finale or who's going to make it out alive or still travelling in Time and Space. But whoever it is, and whatever happens, I'm going to be running a sequel.

Every character left standing will be available to play (except The Master). I can't say who yet, but I'm guessing at least one Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness will be in the mix.

Time to make (or break) history!

The Code of the Spacelanes is 2d6, trindie, easy to learn, lots of opportunity for player agency, magic happens every time you roll a double.

Slot: Afternoon
System: The Code of the Spacelanes
GM: Simon Burley
Players: 2-6
I always enjoy Concrete Cow and it would be rude not to attend, after all it's only a short trip for me.
I plan to offer at least one game, but maybe two depending on how I feel and numbers etc.
Here is the first one, I hope some people fancy playing it.

Normal for Norfolk

A group of students on a summer road trip deep in to scenic Norfolk soon discover that the road signs were removed in case of an invasion in World War 2, but were never put back up again! Lost with no sat nav or phone signal (if you've been to Norfolk you'll know that's the truth) finally with your vehicle spluttering on the last of its fuel you pull in to a small ramshackle road side service station. This situation is surely nothing to worry about, after all you're only in Norfolk, a gentle county famous for sandy beaches and lavender.....whats the worst that could happen?
Dead of Night places the players in the middle of a horror movie, players will be rewarded for embracing horror movie tropes and cliches.
This movie may contain scenes of horror, maybe some violence and possible gore, if it were a 1970s movie we'd be hoping for an X certificate.

Slot: Probably Morning
System: Dead of Night
GM: Graham Sargeant
Players: 3-6
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Rune Priest
Unfortunately, we're going to bow out. I can't afford to get an infection - I'm in 2 high-risk groups for coronavirus, and it can be a bit cramped at the Bath House. I'm planning to work from home as much as possible, but I need to go into the office at least once to get my corporate laptop upgraded sufficiently to use that instead of logging into the VPN on my Mac - which is missing various programmes.

Fingers crossed for later in the year.
Sorry we won't be seeing you, Maddz.

Oh yeah, guess I can and should pre-announce my afternoon game:

Dragon Fanciers of Quirm
A Discworld Roleplaying Game Scenario for up to five players.

Trading Gate Watch House Patrol no.1 get given a lot of special cases in exchange for a couple of extra dollars a month. Well, it’s nice to be well regarded by Commander Vimes, and less boring than most police work. But this latest case looks set to be a bit tricky. It’s a crime that nobody has reported, and you’re definitely not investigating it as a personal favour for the Commander, or Lady Sybil. On top of which, the stolen property – if there is any – is violently dangerous, sometimes explosive, and possibly inbred. The same may go for its owner.

On the other hand, you have a free hand to investigate this however you like. Just so long as you don’t break regulations, annoy the Commander, embarrass his wife, burn down the city, or fail to find out what’s going on and make someone stop it. Who knows, you might even be able to put in for some overtime.