Other Games Conpulsion Death, 5th-7th April 2019

Update on Conpulsion: tickets are on sale now, early bird rates until 4th March are £5 for the day, £10 the weekend.
Call for GMs is still open, if you submit your games and buy a ticket before 4th March you can get a free Conpulsion T-shirt (yay, wow!)
Only a week until Conpulsion. The list of RPGs will be available Real Soon Now. I'm not sure if there are seminars this year, but the usual crowd pleasers of the pub quiz and charity auction will inevitably be present (I know the quiz has been being worked on since New Year).

I'm hoping for another sunny weekend, so I can waltz around central Edinburgh in my t-shirt.
Ok, the RPG list has been circulated to GMs for final checking. Actually a good selection, 8 or 9 games in each slot, with stuff like 13th Age, CoC, BitD, Savage Worlds, White Hack, Gumshoe, Feng Shui, Fate, Unknown Armies, T5. Plus maybe some D&D, a little Manifold, and on Sunday morning a choice between genuine Monkey and a dodgy Celtic Myth rip-off using the same rules.

Here's hoping for a good turnout of players so all these cool games can run!
All of the Saturday RPGs have been posted to the Conpulsion website (and to the Facebook page, I assume).

Sunday games to be posted tomorrow.