Coronaverse #1

A little doggrel upon my return from my morning taxi-duty!

T’would not do, t’would be unfair,
These schoolchildren to rats compare:
But when I see these milling hordes,
On bikes, on foot and with skateboards
Congregate on streets and paths
To fill the morn with jests and laughs
My cautious brain, through new-wise eyes,
Suspicious of politicians’ lies
Can only see a virus cloud
Around the heads of this young crowd.
So as they go, about their learnin’
Unconscious spring those thoughts of vermin!
Rats and rodents, all kids combine,
And innocent of such, plague-carrying, crime….

Image by sipa from Pixabay

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Rune Priest
Mmm. Just dropping my eldest off at university, and I can see why the authorities are worried about more outbreaks! Social what? Masks?


Staff member
One of my colleague's kids started back on Thursday and already one of the year bubbles is isolating (in a secondary school).