[WHFRP] Cubicle 7 marketing Warhammer Fantasy to the elitists

Okay, this is something I would surely want to have if I was that "elitist audience," the sort with more money than sense. :-(

Fortunately, I labour in those blackened smithies of virtual technology that do not command exorbitant fees.
So this is easily one temptation that is above my pay grade.

But for the lucky upper class role player, this will just set you back $750 on pre-order.

"The Enemy Within Collector’s Edition contains the revised and updated Director’s Cut of one of the most highly regarded roleplaying campaigns ever written. It also includes five bonus Companion volumes filled with commentaries, additional material, new subplots and characters, and so much more.
Originally printed over 30 years ago, the Enemy Within campaign is the sequence of WFRP adventures that inspired an entire generation of gamers. It frequently tops polls of the best campaigns ever written, and is widely regarded as one of the most influential roleplaying modules ever written.
The Director's Cut...with commentaries. I had to check the date, is this news almost two months old?

Presumably there are deleted scenes, outtakes and a making-of book too?
You get something even better, original artwork by renowned British artists in the industry, Andy Law of Edinburgh and Sam Marley of Ludlow, no less.

This super limited, very special edition of the Enemy Within bundles together the five campaign books alongside the five new companion books into an almighty 10-volume Collector’s Edition. This extraordinary set is presented in 5 high-quality slipcases printed with the standard edition cover art. Each of the books has a special ‘Tarot Card’ cover designed solely for the Collector’s Edition by WFRP artists Sam Manley and Andy Law.
Honestly, if I was living the high life, I would purchase this edition too. So I may just be "emotion signaling" my jealousy, is all. Maybe, if I had wisely invested this sort of money into a Bitcoin rally sometime in late April, the returns on investment could have been splurged on these Enemy Within bundles.
Also, when I used to laugh at the Monte Cook groupies forking out hundreds and even thousands of US Dollars, for "Invisible Sun", probably, I forgot luxuries are a valid human affectation, and where there's a will (to market) there's a way (to attract consumers). :devilish: ha ha... ha ha ha....
I’m not sure we had a thread on Beadle and Grimm’s amazing editions of the D&D adventures which started with Dragon Heist last year. Lots of money, premium content.

I’ve resisted them, as I did Invisible Sun (that was difficult, though!) but I’m very glad there are ways for creators to access a luxury market - it shows the industry is relatively healthy and, I hope, it keeps companies profitable and able to keep creating games for everyone.