Ravenloft Curse of Strahd [Call for Players]


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Poll just amended to add in Options for Monday/Weds when Tom can't play. This is to allow Coriolis to twin with the game.

Please amend you choices. The 19th / 3rd /17th will be game nights, just not confirmed which game. @dr_mitch you will have priority for Strahd as you requested it.
Much appreciated. Though as you can see, I'm fairly flexible, though Monday every week would be an issue (with alternate weeks fine, or every week on other days).


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Strahd will be alternative weeks - just trying to line up whether the Coriolis game can run in the off weeks, if that makes sense?
The work sitch should be clearer at the end of the week, and then I can confirm.
The most likely outcome is that Mondays are out and either of Tue or Wed (but not both) in each given week should be open.
Updated the poll, confirmed as the "most likely outcome" as above.
If Mondays are better for the group to get a consistent/reliable game I'll step back so as not to hold up play.


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Hi all,

@First Age and I have had a discussion and the date set that we have looked at is still limited to three dates before Christmas that everyone can do.

So our proposal is as follows; I will run a sequence of around 6 sessions of Curse of Strahd, and then hand over to @First Age to do similar for Coriolis. Then we will swap back.

Dates are:
19 November
3 December
17 December

20:00 to 22:30

I will post a new link for January for the second half of the season.

I will also offer a session on 12 November to do character generation in advance. @Guvnor can't make this, so I will sort him out separately. I will buy and share the PHB on Roll 20 so you can generate the characters directly in Roll 20 later in the month when I open the game up there.

Let me know if this works for you?
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I am running this right now!

I very much recommend looking up the extra material available in the reddit groups, it has vastly improved and inspired by run of the game and is very well thought out. Its also a very role play oriented campaign where atmosphere is key. Definitely my favourite of the published campaigns.