Cybe's Lego Advent Calendar!


So every year (since last year, anyway) I do a daily opening of my Lego Advent Calendar and create a rather twisted, horrific Christmas story, piecing it together day-by-day, over on my website -


Last year's story is up too, on where you can meet Ferb, Elsa and Wolf! Run with them through the magical wonderland of Christmas down, evading Santa’s killer attack drones. Encounter the disembodied head of James Lipton. Tremble at the might of Santa’s faceless snowman. Learn the true meaning of Christmas among the gunfire and explosions. And ask yourself – who will survive this holiday season? Ho ho ho…

This year's story is ongoing every day this holiday season. Check in each day for a new chapter!


The Guvnor
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Ooh exciting!!
Ooh Elsa and Wolf are back!

What can Bob be after?

I then read some of your excellent FF reviews and the Stigmata and PF2e reviews.

I'll be back tomorrow for more Wolf the Warlock.
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