Dark Conspiracy 4th Edition crowdfunding begins


Rune Priest
It looks like there could be a couple of interesting podcasts/blog posts that could be done about the process of updating:
  • How do you go about taking what I recall as being a fairly crunchy/simulationist system and updating to meet the current generation's expectations (things like a single comprehensive core mechanic, and 'story-cool' elements), while still remaining recognizable to the hard-core fans of the original (who are likely to be your major customers, at least initially)?
  • How do take a near-future setting whose future has already passed and make it relevant as a near future for today, but keep the core elements the existing fans demand?
I guess those are the same sort of core questions anyone bringing an old property back to print has to answer.


The Guvnor
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I think it had a "single comprehensive core mechanic". The crunch never worried me. Not joining in. Loved the Stackpole stories.
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It looks like there could be a couple of interesting podcasts/blog posts that could be done about the process of updating:
There's a whole section, entitled "What's Changed" that pretty much answers what you ask there. You are forgiven for missing it, since its well down the page beyond the listing of the team. One of the things I hate about the format of crowdfunding pages is that that you only have one page to put all your info on, and I've done this as well, sometimes it just a big wall of text if you don't really really edit within an inch of its life.


The Guvnor
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Ok. Read all though to the bottom of the page where the interesting stuff is.

Good team. Of note to myself is Jason D, Marcus B, Lee W and Andrew P. Then I looked at the bios of others and I felt good.

The What has Changed section addressed a lot of what @MartinP queried. Nice streamlining and demilitarization of the system.

The mention of Berlin as a demon ground really pricked up my ears, I much prefer a European setting these days.

All in all I think I am intrigued and would love to play it. What you doing at North Star @Morthrai ?
Sorry @Guvnor I haven't checked in here for a while. The project funded and hit three stretch rewards. A week later the parent company filed for insolvency :confused: However, German law differs to ours and the company may not be dead but right now there is no further progress and of course because things are under legal process the guys from Clockwork Publishing can't make any statements. There shouldn't be any problems if people want refunds as the crowdfunding company should take care of that.

Official statement is here: https://clockwork-publishing.com/