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Rune Priest
Orphan 55 was disappointing. Spyfall was solid and a beautiful nostalgia-fest, while serving up plenty of modern sensibilities.
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The Third Doctor gave the extract same message at the end of The Green Death. Nobody compained then.


Rune Priest
That's a decent stint. You'll have see a lot of life.

Joking aside though, I did find it interesting that while casting a woman as The Doctor seems to have been quite polarising in some quarters, what were obivously keen fans had a more nuanced view i.e. not against the idea in principle but the writers hadn't been up to scratch.


Rune Priest
If you're worried about the Dr Who ratings, please don't be. I have been paying close attention to the viewing figures from the BARB and there is a lot of misinformation out there. A few so-called fans are claiming the show has seen a massive decline in viewers. This could be no further than the truth. Ratings in general are down across the board. Looking at the 28 day consolidated for Can you Hear Me? which had 5.41 million viewers, and that week the episode beat Countryfile (5.32m), Casualty (5.22m), and that week's Friday's instalment of EastEnders (5.02m).

Take a look at these set of ratings from 1989, pictured below, during a time when Dr Who was averaging 4.15 million viewers in the consolidated ratings, and you will notice how well shows like EastEnders and Neighbours were doing in comparison. Back in 1989, EastEnders was getting 24 million viewers and now look at the figures for it today and it averages 5.54 million viewers! Shows like 'Allo 'Allo had on average 14 million viewers and even repeats of Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em was averaging 12 million viewers.

There were 4 channels in 1989 compared to over 200 we have today and viewing habits have changed. There was no iPlayer or other on-demand services 30 years ago and your only choice was to record a programme on VHS tape if you were out and going to miss it or hope there was a repeat. Today we can simply record the show on our smart boxes or watch it later on an on-demand service.

Let me finish on the biggest fact the naysayers chose to ignore. Dr Who is shown in 54 countries worldwide and watched by a global audience of 110 million viewers. Not many TV programmes are watched by that many people. The fact the audience share for Dr Who in the UK is around 20-25% means the show is still popular with those watching television. It appears less people are watching live TV than ever before as viewing habits change as we enter the age of streaming.

Ratings from 1989.jpg