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Rune Priest

So, just ran across a thread on rpg.net talking about this, and gave in to the urge to nip over to DriveThruRPG and pick it up. £7 pdf, contains the DitV rules re-written with the setting removed.

Thread has some quibbles about whether the rules work without some of the implicit constraints the setting enforces, but in any case I like the idea of making the DitV rules more easily available. Some of the posts indicate that the re-write is easier to understand, which would be nice. I struggled with some of the mechanics, even after a couple of sessions of play.
Do these rules include any sort of setting or character advice? Something like "The game's assumptions are that characters will be doing [X] in a world where [Y]"? Or is it totally setting agnostics, just bare bones rules with no guidance on what sort of game it is anticipated they will create?


Rune Priest
The setting advice follows the DitV model by suggesting that the PCs should be officially affiliated with each other as a group, and have authority/respect in the setting but not be beyond reproach. The sample setting detailed is 'senior students in a super-school'.

The central moral question is basically the same as Sorcerer: how far are you willing to go to get what you want? So yes, I imagine it might work quite well for Line Of Duty. You have the option of escalation (arrest, intimidation, violence) but are you willing to deal with the consequences (shootings, bad guys getting off because you broke the rules).