Dolphin and Octopus: Ride

And just like that, fate gives me a brand new episode...

GM: It's a moray eel.
Dolphin: Oh no! Those can kill you in one bite!
Octopus: I don't want to fight that! Wait...can I grapple it?
GM: Bonus per tentacle. Go for it.
Octopus: <rolls dice> Critical success! I grab onto the back of its head so I'm out of reach of its mouth.
GM: It thrashes about, trying to shake you off. Make a ride check.
Octopus: Oh dear, I really didn't think this through. No ranks in ride...wait, my per tentacle bonus applies to ride as well. <rolls dice> Hell yeah!
GM: <sighs> You effortlessly ride the moray. Now what?
Octopus: I'm going to have to get away somehow.
Dolphin: How about your jet propulsion feat?
Octopus: Perfect! And I can add my ink cloud ability to that as a free action to prevent the moray's attack of opportunity and gain a stealth bonus as I escape.
Dolphin: <singing> When you learn you can ride and your ink lets you hide, that's a moray.
GM: I hate you both.

Incredible footage of an octopus riding a moray eel to avoid its attack and then escaping in a cloud of
ā€” Science & Space (@ScienceIsNew) September 1, 2020

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