Game Management Drawing upon 'A Guide to the Curse of Strahd'


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I took advantage of some quiet time on Saturday to work my way through Sean McGovern's "A Guide to a Curse of Strahd". It's a great sixty-four page PDF which walks you through the entire campaign and talks about choices which may be important to take. It recommends building an arc for the campaign; it doesn't need to be rigid, indeed being malleable will be an advantage.

The chapters are discussed with notes on experience from playing and things to watch out for. There are also a lot of useful cross-references to the other core D&D books like the Monster Manual and Player's Handbook.

Having just completely reread the campaign while on holiday, I found the guidebook useful to draw my thoughts together. I've also worked through Mike Shea (Sly Flourish)'s notes on his blog. I may yet dip back into the Reddit.

Before Wednesday's restart, I need to read the Tarokka deck to set my default assumptions and then work through the module in Roll20 to make sure that I have all the NPCs and locations ready to roll. I think that some of the players may need to finish their characters levelling up to level 3, which means that it may be a gentle restart.

One thing I have noticed is that I am a paper and pencil GM. I much prefer to do scenario preparation using paper, and then type up later (if at all). This will be interesting when my reMarkable 2 finally arrives; I think that it will prove a useful tool to have a halfway house. Even when I build from scratch, the computer bits may well just be the initial concept until I work it up a bit more.

So, Curse of Strahd, Season 2 will start on Wednesday. The characters will enter into Barovia proper rather than the hinterlands. The fogs will swirl, the wolves howl and evil will stalk the night.

6 September 2020

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The Guvnor
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Years of writing technically mean that I can work wholly electronically. However I still like a notebook an A3 sheet of paper and an HB pencil.
A good scanner also helps, sometimes a quick scan is all that is needed.

I am very much looking forward to the campaign. I think this extra layer of GM analysis should help. As you know, I am quite dim at play, I look forward to lots of clues and artefacts.