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Big shout out to the Tavern publishers in the house.
I have taken the brief to layout a book for publication on Drivethru.
Colour cover but black and white internals.
6*9 printed.
Please let me know from your experiences and errors what to watch out for..
Inner margins 25mm, other three 18mm.
Can one do full bleed?
CMYK, using K100% for text, CMY all set to zero.
Going to buy stock art for cover.

Probably identical layout for PDF only, unless I decide to try out a tablet layout for that as a learning experience.

Software Serif Affinity Publisher on Mac.

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It's a while since I last did it but they didn't do full bleed at the time. That said, the files I supplied (Wordplay Core) had full bleed.
Don‘t spend ages formatting the perfect book and then uploading it to discover all the problems. Upload the first 16-32 pages of your draft asap and order a proof copy of that.

in my experience even if it say a file isn’t compatible and may not print, if you sat print anyway it usually works.


Rune Priest
There's a fantastic guide to commonly made errors and specifications on their help site.


Book specific page - where amougst the other straightforward tutorials you'll find quick specifications for printed books.


and I'm always using "Correcting Most Common Print Errors"y before I have the pain of a book being rejected after waiting 3-5 days: