[D&D] Eberron


The Guvnor
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I have slowly started to think that I might really like Eberron for D&D.

Now I know there are halfling dinosaur riders... I may be sold

Since most of my D&D is Adventurers League games set in FR, I don't get to really engage with other settings, but the more I think about Eberron the more I like it. It has political and technological/magical elements which give licence to bring in interesting bits of modernity - I keep telling myself I should write something about the organised sports clubs which I think would be inevitable in post-war efforts to focus energies and build civil society. I bet there'd be a kind of hang-glider polo played in Sharn, involving jumping off buildings.

With the forthcoming release of Rising from the Last War there are segments of 'Lore you should know' about Eberron on the Dragon Talk podcast, like this one about the Boramar clan Sharn-based halfling mafia and three other criminal syndicates: https://dnd.wizards.com/articles/features/dragon-talk-kienna-shaw
Eberron for D&D 3.5e was really good on a read. Pulpy exploration, politics, an "after the Great War and waiting for the next one" vibe, interesting monsters, interesting takes on the familiar D&D "races", good use of magic as technology.

But I never got round to actually playing or running it. Maybe I will with 5e.