Electronic Games - What have you played recently?

For me there was a tiny bit of a knack to ship to ship combat in No Man's Sky, but after a couple of scraps it was straightforward enough.

I've started playing the first Witcher game. Better late than never.
Seeing as my current laptop would probably swear at me if I tried to install the latest crop of games (plus we like it when they are sales me loves oh yesss), I've been returning to games of up to a decade ago :O

Call of Duty - In many ways the original and the best in the series, riding on the wave of Band of Brothers popularity, for cinematic WW2 action. Throw in United Offensive and you've got an intense sequel and I spent many happy hours on multiplayer, which in many ways a Battlefield 1944 beater.

Just Cause 2. You are a CIA operative, who is a barely concealed Antonio Banderas rip off, enacting regime change on a small series of islands, toppling the dictator one stronghold (be it be a village, a city or a military base at a time). For me this is most unbridled fun I've had in an open world type game, swinging from building to building, via a quick ride on a helicopter or car, using a grappling hook :)
So with the laptop increasingly becoming temperamental, and my daughter wanting one to play online with her friends we got an XBOX One a couple of months ago (sometime in Feb? ). As a long time PC gamer, I wasn't sure about the move, and to some extent, I still prefer the intimate "hands-on" feeling of sitting up close and personal on a desktop/laptop. However, with the new XBOX coming this year, the once-mighty XBOX One is being sold cheap, alongside a Game Pass (which we bought the Gold version so Evie can play online with her mates) which is sort of the Netflix of gaming. It is also nice to have games that just work out of the box.

I bought Borderlands 3 and it was as awesome as I had hoped. More guns, big personalities, the new worlds to explore were great. The story was is well developed, and the side quests are worth doing on their own to reveal more of the setting background. I've blasted my way through the main plot, and I'm now in the "play it all again, at higher levels with more guns and more MAYHEM" (there's a new mayhem mode that unlocks when you complete the game). Its taken up three months of my gaming life so I'm trying other games.

This I'm doing with newly bought EA Access, another yearly subscription, which I bought for £19 to give my daughter access to Sims 4 (which is her main game, and almost unplayable on the laptop due to having all the addons) and me access to ALL THE BATTLEFIELD GAMES, as well as a stack of Bioware games such as all Mass Effect and Dragon Age games, which I've dabbled in but never sat down seriously to play. That changes now :)

So I've started with Battlefield Bad Company, a well-regarded game from 2008 yikes!. Fortunately, it holds up very well, and after playing various military games (from the early Battlefield 1942 to the uber-serious Operation Flashpoint/Armed Assault games) is a nice mix of authentic-looking gun porn and just the right amount of black humour. You see you play a character who has been demoted to B Company, where the B stands for Bad and all the other members of the unit are similar bad apples who have been put in one basket to keep them out of the way of the serious army. It plays smoothly, and the cutscenes where you and your three NPC buddies interact and the story advances are entertaining and just the right length. Its a fun game without going down the Gonzo route :)