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Please vote for your favorite publishers, Judges, and product nominees in our 2019 ENnies Awards!

Voting is live and runs until 11 PM EST on July 21st.


As a reminder -We follow One Person One Vote! It is very important that the democratic principle of “one person, one vote” be followed. If you have already voted for products and/or judges, then please do not vote for them again. Also, please do not ask people to vote multiple times to pad the votes for a certain product or judge.

In addition – Publishers that publicly endorse or campaign for or against a specific prospective judge via website statements, social media, and/or emails during the nomination/voting period are ineligible to have products considered for nomination during that year. This includes but is not limited to official company accounts and company owners.

Good luck to all the nominees!

We are excited to announce the publicly chosen winners during Gen Con, August 2nd at Union Station, Indianapolis, Indiana. For those that can’t attend, we will be live streaming the event!
You seem to be using "simplistic" as a very dismissive term there. The art of Winter's Daughter might not be to your taste, but the fact that it is painted in a different style to another cover, with less detail, does not make it a lesser piece. It's a beautifully done cover and I for one am delighted to see something other than the usual D&D-alike art get some recognition.
Yep it was my first choice!
Fria Ligan's Forbidden Lands punched well above its weight with two gold and two silver Ennies, even beating the Leviathan, Monte Cook and his extremely over-priced Invisible Sun in the category for Best Production Values.

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