[d100] Entry Level D100 Game: Legends of Adventure

I've started work on an entry-level D100 game. Basic core book, character generation and presentation aimed at anyone, whether they've played RPGs before or not. If there's one thing academia teaches you, it's never to make assumptions about what your audience doe or does not know! No explicit setting in the book, though that will probably get developed through published adventures later down the line. The idea is to release the rulebook and a starter adventure at the same time, but not in the same book (I really dislike adventures bound into rulebooks). Although this will be a minimalist version of D100 gaming, it should still have enough legs to last for extended campaigns.

A bit different from my AEON:engine™ project, so it will be a different line. Unlike A:e, which is its own thing, this baby will be Legend OGL-based, though considerably stripped down in line with its statement of intent. No working title yet!*

* EDIT: Yes, there is, it's "Legends of Adventure".
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I don’t think ‘D’Oh!’ has been taken yet but it has the ring of zero-level D100 about it.
Did Aeons ever get published? I remember bashing some ideas around with you on BRP central when it was going to be a Bronze Age game.
Well, as you can see, I've settled on a title (had a word with Matt first to make sure I wasn't stepping on the Mongoose's tail).

Are you looking at what The Black Hack did for D&D? A d100 Hack would be popular I’m sure. Presumably adventure separate because the rules are just the basic engine for a variety of settings?
Not really, because The Black Hack 1E (and BLUEHACK™) is really aimed at experienced referees and players - it manages to be so stripped-back by making a lot of assumptions about what the referee and players know about D&D tropes. A D100 Hack would be an interesting project, though.

The main reason the adventure is separate is because I really dislike starter adventures in the backs of rulebooks - once you use them (if you use them) they are just wasted page count and dead weight. But, as you say, it means you can avoid too many setting assumptions in the rules. Still, there is a lot of implied setting in terms of the flavour of magic, the creature list, technology (weapons, armour, equipment, transportation), not to mention in the copious examples of play. I've actually just switched to making the default "classical", i.e. not at all historically accurate Greco-Roman. I admit to being heavily influenced by some cover art I commissioned from Mongolia and never used.

Did Aeons ever get published? I remember bashing some ideas around with you on BRP central when it was going to be a Bronze Age game.
Not yet, but it's getting there . As you can see from the above, AEON:underworld™ will need a different cover. Legends of Adventure will get out there first, though. I suspect it will be my first book published after returning to the UK.