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Silver Anniversary Announcement

Hello, everyone, I wanted to give you all an update on where we are with a new edition of Everway.

One of the special challenges of getting Everway back into print has been updating the original 1995 contracts. There were nearly 40 artists and over 80 contracts that needed to be updated, and some of those artists proved to be very difficult to find. Without going into too much detail, suffice it to say that I have spent the last year training myself to be a private investigator, talking to heirs, calling galleries and retail game shops, following up on leads from people that might be associated with these artists, driving to cities and knocking on doors, and in one case visiting a hospital bedside to get all the contracts updated. This all took much longer than expected and has definitely impacted our original timeline.

The good news is that as of a week ago, we achieved 100% completion on contract updates, finally freeing us up to move forward with the Everway Silver Anniversary Edition.

Since we are committed to releasing a new edition of this product, given the timing on where we are now, we have decided to focus our efforts this year on a new version of the original 1995 game, reorganized and consolidated into a single book product that has been graphically redesigned and enhanced with content from Spherewalker and other published and unpublished products.

The Everway Silver Anniversary Edition line will include the following products:

Everway Silver Anniversary Edition
This is the core book and it contains everything you need to play the game, including the Playing Guide, Fortune Guide, Gamemastering Guide, Visions, and Quick Start sections. The bottom of each page has a fortune deck draw, so you can use the book itself as your first fortune deck.

Everway Fortune Deck
The Everway Fortune Deck will also be released as a standalone product. This box contains the Fortune Deck and a new book, Key to the Fortune Deck, a 48 page supplement that contains all new information about the design of the Fortune Deck.

Everway Companion App
The Everway Companion app will be released after the launch of the core book and standalone Fortune Deck on both the iPhone and Android stores. The intention is to make this an electronic Fortune Deck and a Hero Creation app, but details are still being determined.

We have not been idle while completing the legal contracts. The Key to the Fortune Deck and the standalone Fortune Deck are fully laid out and in final editing now. The core book is in layout now and is looking gorgeous with over 200 pages laid out and many more to go.

We are expecting to launch a Kickstarter soon, but we want the products to be completed so we can begin fulfillment as quickly as possible after the Kickstarter campaign completes. We will be posting more information about this soon, so stay tuned. The goal is to complete fulfillment before GenCon and the 25th anniversary of the original launch.

Meanwhile, work continues on Second Edition, but until we are completely happy with it, we're not going to commit to a particular launch window.
The images in the comments below are *not* final layout, but give you some idea of what you have to look forward to.
-Rich Rowan