Not so much looking for a game as offering a game.

Our game group is now down to 3 people and that's not really enough in the long term. It demands a lot of both player and GM. Characters need a very broad skill base to cover all contingencies and the GM has to balance interactions very finely.

So we are hoping to attract a few more players. We've looked into gaming clubs in the area but all the ones we've found are very strongly focussed on D&D which doesn't really get to the heart of the matter for us.

Before you get the wrong idea we are not crazy indie either. No one has ever powered anything by the apocalypse or declared that a game is not supposed to be enjoyed at anything but the most superficial level.

But for anyone in the Exeter area who is interested in a mostly Tuesday (one of our players has a crazy random shift pattern) game please get in touch. We tend to run in 6 week blocks so no one gets stuck playing or running something which isn't working for them.

Things we have played in the past: Dresden Files, Earthdawn, Feng Shui 2, Hunter: The I-Forget and Night's Black Agents.