Continuum Freeforms at Continuum 2020


As we begin to get closer to the friendly games-fest that is Continuum (Leicester, 7-10 August), I just wanted to let people know, in my capacity as Freeform Tsar, of the first-rate programme of freeforms/LARPs we have lined up, from a big Gloranthan event (White Bear & Red Moon) to Blakes 7 (Aftermath), Lois McMasters Bujold's Chalion (Four Gods and a Funeral) to post-WW1 historical (Winning the Peace).

As the final details are confirmed, they'll be going up here, with details on advance sign-ups by the end of the month. In the meantime, take advantage of the Early Bird discount and sign up for the con: the usual packed programme of tabletop RPGs, seminars, freeforms and jovial weirdness awaits...

The full array of freeforms planned for Continuum 2020 is now up:

It's a good time to register and sign-up and take advantage of the Early Bird discount while you can - we're already half-full. And for those of you worried about covid-19 (aren't we all?) - this is one thing about which you can be relaxed. If we have to cancel the event, or this is forced on us by university or government policy, we will give a complete refund to anyone who has bought a ticket



Rune Priest
It's a pity that I'm not going. I would have signed up for the Blake's 7 (Aftermath) freeform in a heartbeat. However, if it is based on the episode of the same name, I would probably know the plot already. ;)